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Kafka, expectations and the Cleveland Browns February 5, 2015 No Comments

There was once a young football fan from Cleveland. Year after year, this fan purchased gear and attended games. Despite seeing all other teams in the division achieve greatness (or in Cincinnati’s case, above-average-ness), she still rooted on her beloved Browns. Time passed. The girl with a hopeful heart and a closet of orange and […]

Mocking the Draft for the AFC’s Underdogs April 27, 2014 4 Comments

This is my first ever attempt at an NFL mock draft (everybody’s doing it – it’s all the rage), and in my previous post I shared the why and how of it. It goes the full seven rounds but only for four teams – with no trades. Without further ado…   Round 1 Round one […]

Setting up My First Mock Draft: AFC Underdogs No Comments

With an additional two weeks before this year’s NFL Draft, it seems like everyone with a website or podcast has had time to get at least one mock draft out this season. As much as I’d love to follow suit, I truthfully have neither the resources nor the experience to go through all the teams […]

State of the Browns – February 2014 February 24, 2014 No Comments

A Bit of History In 2012, Jimmy Haslam bought the franchise from the Lerner family, and immediately hope began anew. With Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi in the front office and Rob Chudzinski as coach, the team looked different from top to bottom, though this was unfortunately a pattern too often seen since coming back. […]